MA Arts Practice

Nature has been a fascintation for artists for hundreds of years and has the capacity to evoke thought and emotion.  It is therefore my intention to transcribe the influence of light, reflected patterns in water, shapes and surface textures throughout my arts practice.

Coming from a very structured background of landscape painting, I have begun to explore different media and look beyond the more traditional methods of practice that I have been accustomed to using.  Being fascinated with impasto methods and textural surfaces, my observations have led me to look at the layering of nature in a more literal way.

During my MA Arts Practice course of study, I have looked at abstracted organic forms through exploring more micro worlds and have begun developing an interest in embossed lino prints which lend themselves to this process.  The focus for my continuing practice is developing towards the shape and form of trees, leaves and the complexity of surface patterns in water, found in local rivers, and coastline.