The heritage coastline where I live is bound in ancient history. It is no surprise therefore, there is a sense of mystery and romanticism relating to this particular landscape.   The shape and contours of rock strata, pebble beach, reflections of tidal patterns, fossils embedded into limestone has been a continuous stimulus for paintings prior to commencing my study.

Humans have had a spiritual relationship with stones for centuries. The energy of these ovoid forms has drawn my attention as a source of inspiration, and now continues through development through relief printmaking and three dimensional forms.  

The holes found naturally in these stones allow light and tide to encapsulate these forms.  In nature, the continuous roll of the tides shape and create indents into the stones creating safe havens for a micro world of tiny creatures.

It is my intention to further develop these organic, hand sculpted forms replicating pebbles that are found on my coastline.

Flow: Water

To complement painting practice, I am currently exploring the flow and movement of water expressed with hand carving vertical water marks in the plaster.