new works 

During my MA course of study (2013-15) an investigation relating to a reflective journey of the landscape led to a fascination with circles and ovoids found within natural phenomena. A development from painting resulted in replicating these organic forms into print, low relief and sculpture.   Constructed clay forms inspired from organic shapes, or found natural objects (pebbles/rock strata) that are cast with plaster, have focussed my attention to looking at the more physical aspects of fragility and strength in the natural world.   The intention is to explore the shaping and forming of nature’s cycles associated with the imprint of time.  

Recent readings surrounding ‘hag stones’ (stones with holes) document spiritual beliefs associated with mystical stones possessing healing properties and used as protective talismans. Other mythical tales acknowledge the presence of other worlds becoming visible through the natural occurring burrowed circles. This subject has informed development of visual interpretations and inspired further research with documented theories relating to ‘psychogeographical’ * sites, where larger holed stones were used as part of healing ceremonies.    On a recent visit to Cornwall, I visited standing stone locations including the Men and Tol (translated as Holed Stone in Cornish) and Merry Maidens, which were recognised for curative and magical power during the Bronze age. Drawings and photographic imagery have served as inspiration to create further artworks relating to the holed stone, and bring attention to how one interprets the view seen through a cylindrical aperture.
It is my intention to combine the symbolism of natural circles that have connotations linking to heaven and earth/ spirit and matter that acknowledges the feminine in nature.