Educational Projects

Arts Council for Wales:  Lead Creative Schools Scheme:

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme (LCS) is a combined Welsh Assembly and Arts Council of Wales (ACW) initiative to promote a bespoke programme of creative learning across curriculum in Welsh Schools.  I have acted on behalf of the ACW as both a Creative Agent (project managing school projects) and as a Creative Practitioner facilitating and delivering the intended school schemes.

Creative Practitioner:  Archbishop Mc Grath RC School, Bridgend

(Collaboration with Mandy Lane: Sculptor)


A cast of a worker bee

Urban Bees

Working in partnership with Mandy Lane (Sculptor), this project focussed on a KS3 Art and Science scheme exploring ‘Bee Worlds’.  An exploration of the natural environment, science, organic geometry through developing 3-d sculptural/model making skills.  From building relationships with the Research Team at the Botanical Gardens of Wales,  the project work was exhibited as part of the Pollinator Festival,  July 2018.    Some of the sculpted pieces are now becoming resident with the team at the gardens.


Creative Practitioner:  Coed y Garn and St Mary’s Primary School, Blaenau, Gwent

Working in collaboration with two Primary Schools to develop mindfulness approaches to learning.

Low relief tiles relating to stories created by pupils from a literacy based project.

Arts Council for Wales:  Lead Creative Schools Scheme:    Creative Agent Projects: 2016 – 2018

It has been my privilege to have been a part of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme as a Creative Agent with two Primary Schools (Years 3/4 an 5/6) for the since 2016. I have witnessed some magical opportunities arise for pupils who may not have had the chance to experience these alternative approaches to teaching. It has also enriched the learning of the teaching staff that have experienced the scheme. Some examples include creating concepts for numeracy through design and build of an outdoors learning space, and a combined scriptwriting and animation project focussing on improving KS2 literacy,and digital competency. This year’s projects have focussed on developing oracy skills for Foundation Phase and KS2 pupils.

Coychurch Llangrallo Primary School, Bridgend:  Foundation Phase: Literacy and Oracy Project:  Celtic Warriors With Claire Cawte (Textile Artist)

The school were keen to develop progressive approaches for Foundation Phase Literacy and Oracy through creating a Celtic themed project. The intended scheme hoped to incorporate textiles and costume design with a contemporary approach.    Having chosen Claire Cawte (Textile Artist) as the Creative Practitioner, a visit was arranged for the Year 2 group to visit the ‘Forge’ Exhibition at Craft in the Bay Gallery, Cardiff, as part of initiating this specific scheme. Working in partnership with Charlotte Kingston (Artistic Curator: Craft in the Bay), the children enjoyed their observational drawings of the contemporary ironworks and were kindly invited to share their experiences of the LCS scheme within the gallery space during January 2018.

What followed was a very innovative approach to learning where the children developed hand/eye coordination with finger knitting, designing torcs and costumes, dyeing fabrics with naturally sourced materials, and an accidental cave painting session which led to creating their own Celtic language. Family members were also invited to the school to join in with some of the practical activities.

The display illustrates the journey that the Year 2 pupils have experienced from visiting a contemporary exhibition, meeting Dewi the Weaver and Gal, who facilitated an Iron Age Workshop at St Fagans, (National Museum of History), and the positive outcomes of working in a creative partnership.

Miskin Primary School: KS2: Literacy and Oracy Project with Creative Practitioners: Nigel Crowle (Writer/Scriptwriter) and Angharad Evans (Theatre and Performance Director) Nov 2017 – February 2018


The project incorporated the willow dragon created during the first year of the scheme into the second phase, through storytelling, scriptwriting, playwriting and visual interpretation of stories through the medium of costume/prop making.  The pupils had the opportunity to visit the Set Design students at the Royal College of Music and Drama, Cardiff and spent an entertaining afternoon with the Educational Department hosted at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff.  This created inspiration for planning the intended scripts based on ‘Flame the Dragon’  for an immersive theatre experience at the school.

Miskin Primary School:  KS2 Numeracy Scheme

Years 3/4 undertaking a willow weaving project at Lammas Eco village.



Class teacher and pupil’s weaving a willow fence


Willow dragon designed by Years 3/4:  a nose and a tail

The numeracy was embedded through measuring the green space, looking at creating designs for the space, study of spherical shapes, scale drawings, measuring and cutting willow for the structure.


Coychurch Llangrallo Primary School:  

Script writing and Animation:  KS2 Literacy and Digital Competency Project



Story boards


Story boards and figures for animation


The film preview


Innovation Fund Project:  Design/Technology Project for Years 3/4:    

Llangan, Llansannor and St Davids CIW, Colwinston Primary Schools (Vale of Glamorgan)

A great collaborative scheme to become involved with.  Devising a concept and rolling out a project to enhance design/technology skills for Years 3/4 at the primary schools.

Interpreting a poem with wire drawings

a pirate ship

a tree

a nice cup of tea


Threads of Nature:  Penarth Pavilion Exhibition and Educational Project 2015

Using the theme of a collaborative exhibition titled ‘Threads of Nature’, I created the concept of an educational workshop ‘Lines in Nature’ where all three exhibiting artists worked with a group of  8 – 11 year olds looking at the how we interpret the landscape with line drawing.